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Tanaka Grape Garden

Management thoughts

Commitment to cultivation environment

Amano-cho, Kawachinagano City, where Tanaka Grape Garden is located, spreads out on a sunny slope located at the foot of Mt. Amano, offering the best environment for grape cultivation. Because it is located on a gentle slope inland, it is less susceptible to the natural disasters that have occurred in various places in recent years, and delivers stable, high-quality products every year. In this privileged environment, fruits that are well exposed to the sun during the day grow cool, from evening to night, and grow into beautiful grapes with high sugar content, good aroma and color.

Our Commitment to Variety

We would like you to discover the deliciousness of various grapes. With this in mind, Tanaka Grape Garden offers popular varieties such as KYOHO and PIONE. We have also developed our own varieties such as SAI-UN, a red-colored fruit, and MUSCAT VIOLET with a strong muscat incense, as well as original large varieties with beautiful colors. We have received compliments from our customers in many places who have enjoyed our grapes. I believe that nurturing delicious grapes every day and conducting research on new varieties is the starting point of excellent grape growing.

Commitment to reduced-pesticide cultivation

In Tanaka Grape Garden, all grapes are grown in the grape house. The aim is to reduce the incidence of disease by creating an environment where grapes are protected from rain, and the use of pesticides is limited as much as possible. We promise to deliver safe and secure pesticide-reduced grapes to our customers. We are also constantly thinking about what a farm can do to address climate change and reduce plastic use, which is being demanded around the world. We will continue to contribute to the protection of the environment, even with our small force, in order to protect our planet, live happy lives, and benefit from nature.