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Welcome to our garden!

Tanaka Grape Garden is a fruit farm that has been growing high quality agricultural products such as grapes for generations in Amano-cho, Kawachi-Nagano. We also actively cultivate other fruits such as persimmons, kiwifruits and citrus fruits.

Our garden is located on the sunny, south-facing slope that spreads along the foot of Mt. Amano. Chilling from night to night will produce a beautiful grape with high sugar content, aroma and color.

Some of the fruits that have been carefully grown and harvested are processed into jams and dried fruits at our own processing facility located in the orchard.

All our grape orchards are protected by vinyl to prevent the grapes from harmful pests and reduce the need for pesticides. By not being exposed to the rain, they grow in an environment that reduces the occurrence of diseases.

We intend to carefully cultivate our special fruits without compromise, and we will make every effort to create products that are loved by everyone.

Ryuji Tanaka
Fruit Farmer & Proprietor
Tanaka Grape Garden